Stripe recently received a $95 billion (1) corporate value recognition. Given that the valuation was roughly $36 billion (2) in the previous Series G extension round, corporate value nearly tripled in just 11 months. Given the fact that Stripe was traded at a value of $115 billion (3) in the old stock market, we expect it to be different from the opinion of existing investors holding the old stock.

Nevertheless, Stripe became the second largest unicorn company in the world and the largest in the United States (4). As a start-up company in 2010, it was achieved in just 11 years and has a higher corporate value than Coupang, which was listed. (As of March 17, 2021) Online payment services, including already listed PayPal and Square Square, have been fully active in the past. As such, there are many competitors and startups that start new businesses. How did you achieve this in this situation? Let’s talk about the secret of Stripe.

Who will choose?

How much would it cost for a company to introduce Stripe as a payment service? According to the information on our page, we are receiving 2.9% of the payment based on credit card transactions and an additional $0.30 (5). That’s the same level as industry rival PayPal, and the key difference is that Stripe offers discounts starting at more than $80,000 per month, but PayPal offers discounts starting at $3,000 per month (6). In addition, PayPal receives an additional $0.05 for 5% for transactions under $10, while Stripe receives an additional $0.10 for 5% and takes 2 days compared to PayPal, which is settled immediately.

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