AI cargo transportation platform startup Sendy announced on the 31st that it has appointed Choi Sung-ho, former vice president of Naver, as its other non-executive director to reorganize its operating organization and upgrade its technology development strategy.

Regarding CEO Choi’s appointment, Sendi said the need to reorganize the organization and work to meet the recent increase in manpower and closely check technology development strategies has increased. Accordingly, CEO Choi Sung-ho was appointed as another non-executive director.

Choi Sung-ho, CEO of Connect Investment, served as vice president after serving as the head of the service division and the head of the search division at Naver, and oversaw the overall Internet services such as shopping and finance at Naver. LG Electronics also led digital transformation in all fields of operation by serving as the head of the Digital Transformation (DX) technology center for about eight years.

Choi is currently serving as the head of venture capital Connect Investment. It is discovering and investing directly in startups with high growth potential at home and abroad, and provides advice necessary for corporate management such as investment attraction, management strategy, and development organization operation.

In the future, CEO Choi plans to ask himself to efficiently organize Sendy’s operating organization and establish a strategy for developing service technology. Based on this, Sendi will start upgrading its existing technology. Specifically, based on the accumulated cargo transportation data, the accuracy of the algorithm will be improved so that more suitable distribution can be made to customers. In addition, it plans to elaborate a cargo transportation routing route support service that proposes an optimal work schedule to the owner based on his/her residence, movement, and work capabilities.

Meanwhile, Sendy is a startup that operates a freight transportation management platform called ‘Sendy’ based on AI technology. In May, Series A Bridge attracted KRW 66.5 billion in investment and is growing rapidly.

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