Coinone (CEO Cha Myung-hoon), a domestic virtual asset exchange, announced on the 27th that it has held an OKR forum to reflect on its performance in the first half of this year and share strategies and directions for its leap in the second half.

OKR stands for Objective and Key Results, and refers to Coinone’s new performance management system, which was introduced earlier this year to respond to the rapidly changing virtual asset market environment.

The first OKR forum for all executives and employees held at the town hall space in Yeouido on the 26th was held by checking Coinone’s achievement of OKR in the first and second quarters and sharing strategic tasks.

In addition to training on how to set up and manage OKR for each organization, department, and individual to achieve successful goals, seminars were held for technology exchange.

They include regular technology seminars held under the theme of “Composition of Coinone Plus Internal Development” and technology seminars on in-house programs under the theme of “Developer’s Self-directed Growth” and “Environment that grows together through communication and sharing.”

Coinone said it regularly conducts seminars to learn the latest technology trends in various fields such as blockchain, security, and cloud and quickly reflect them in services to create technologically leading exchanges.

“The secret to Coinone’s growth is a conference culture that regularly shares corporate performance and future directions with executives and employees and discusses them together,” said Cha Myung-hoon, CEO of Coinone. “We will introduce more innovative virtual asset services in the second half of the year.”

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