Blockchain technology companies Sigma C&S and Sigma Chain announced on the 20th that they will hold a conference called “Connect Blockchain With Innovation Web 3.0” at BEXCO in Busan on the 26th.

This conference is designed to provide an opportunity to check the expansion of technology and mid- to long-term roadmap, focusing on blockchain technology that will lead the web 3.0 era, as paradigm shift is rapidly evolving amid the wave of innovation based on hyper-connection, hyper-convergence, and super-intelligence in the 4th industrial revolution.

Sigma Chain will invite officials from Busan, the special blockchain regulatory zone, to demonstrate Korea’s first blockchain virtual asset exchange “KORWAP” and introduce examples of blockchain-based metaverse and augmented reality implementation.

In addition, about 10 companies will announce various blockchain technology services, including Dr. Lee Min-seop’s announcement on “GeniCodes; Digital Genome for DID in Web 3.0” and Kim Tae-won, general director of Kung World, a multi-entertainment partner company.

In addition, ambassadors and economic ministers from Ghana, Belarus, Tunisia, Libya, and El Salvador, who have formed a TF team and are working on CBDC projects using Sigma Chain’s main net, will attend

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