With startups in danger of survival having a harsh winter as the venture investment market freezes, demo days, which serve as an “opportunity venue” for investment attraction, are recently being held on a large scale, drawing attention to whether it will be a catalyst for startups to advance spring.

According to the venture and startup industry on the 21st, demonstration days hosted by large companies and government agencies as well as accelerators are being held one after another. Demo Day refers to an event that attracts investment by announcing (IR) business models such as products and services developed by startups to investors.

Blue Point Partners, which aims to become the “first listed AC in Korea,” held a large-scale demo day offline for the first time in three years on the 12th. The number of pre-applications alone reached about 1,400 and the number of participants reached about 1,000, which was successfully completed.

The theme of Demo Day is “Deep Impact,” which is derived from the title of the 1998 film about the Earth’s asteroid impact crisis. Blue Point Partners classified the upcoming crisis into four areas: △ environment △ DT (digital conversion) △ industry △ housing, and introduced 12 deep-tech startups.

Lee Yong-kwan, CEO of Blue Point Partners, said, “There are still many problems in the world. Fundamentally, it should be overcome through technology, he said. “The economic conditions are not easy, but the challenge of startups should continue as they recover with periodicity.”

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