DeFiChain, a decentralized proof of equity (PoS) blockchain created by a network hard fork, announced that it has listed a native token DFI on the virtual asset exchange Huobi.

Diffychain previously listed DFI tokens on multiple exchanges such as KuCoin, Bybit, ERC-20, Bitrex, Bitru, Hotbit, and Bitpanda.

DefiChain, a completely decentralized blockchain with on-chain governance, launched the mainnet in May 2020. Since then, it has gained support from the cryptocurrency community in all aspects of the blockchain, including nodes, master nodes, projects, tools, governance regulations, and economic returns.

DefiChain has continued to grow by disclosing its codebase as an open source, allowing all members of the community to review the development work in a wide range of areas and discussing development and improvement directions.

DFI tokens support core activities such as ▲ liquidity provided by various pools of defychain ▲ blockchain agreement and security staking ▲ stock tokens and dUSD stablecoin issuance and borrowing collateral ▲ all decentralized exchange (DEX) compensation tokens ▲ defychain governance tokens.

The DFI token began trading with Tether (USDT) in Huobi at 6 a.m. on July 25th (World Standard Time). The DFI token withdrawal service was supported from 7 a.m. on July 26th (World Standard Time). Now, if you purchase a DFI token from Huobi, you can transfer the token to a defychain wallet.

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