EID announced that it has signed a strategic business agreement with MetaPlanet, which operates its own blockchain game platform MetaQ service and owns ‘Nova1492’ IP.

With this agreement, this ID will participate in the Nova 1492 project to incorporate the project ‘SCAR’ worldview. In addition, during the renewal process, it was decided to issue collaborative NFTs and cooperate with each other in joint sales and operation management.

NFT will provide points through staking during the Nova 1492 production period, and after the game’s release, it will be applied as a key element that can be used within the game.

Nova 1492 will be available around the world targeting the global market, and it is being produced so that it can be played anytime, anywhere as it can be used directly on the web without downloading a separate app or program.

Metaplanet has a development team with various technologies and know-how, including its own Web 3.0 mainnet and cryptocurrency meta-Q listed on the exchange. In addition, it is currently using various popular IPs (intellectual property rights) and is developing games using various IPs

The SCAR (Secret Council of Alien Rules) project, which is ambitiously promoted by EID, is a project involving talented people such as former Samsung Blockchain Global Business Leader David Ham, and Professor Maeng Sung-ryul of Wooseok University, the top UFO expert in Korea.

Like Bitcoin, which was only $1 12 years ago, I think NFT has great potential to change the lifestyles of MZ generations in the future, said Kang Deok-ho, general manager of NFT business at EID. “We will work together to develop NFT games and quickly grow the North American market.”

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