A festival is being held where IT publishing leaders share and learn the latest trends.

Kyobo Bookstore will hold the first IT publishing online conference “Read ITcon 2022” until the 31st of this month, where IT readers and publishers will look at IT keywords of the year and communicate and learn together.

In this online conference, 26 columns and presentation videos of major authors and translators in the IT field will be held under the theme of various keywords related to the IT industry such as Python, deep learning, project, data science, UX, and IT publishing.

Park Jae-ho, a translator of “Clean Code” (Insight), who is considered a must-read book for developers, introduces learning methods for Python beginners to develop their capabilities under the theme of “Clean Code, Now It’s Python.”

Cho Eun-ok, the author of “Developer Relations leading the company’s success,” explains the “value of the technology community” and presents opinions on development relations (all activities for companies to create friendly relations with developers, such as media promotion, seminars, and conferences).

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