Naver’s “Line” and Naver and Softbank’s joint venture “Z Holdings” are investing in web3 streaming startups to speed up the establishment of a tokenomics ecosystem.

According to a report by Durguru on the 2nd, Stacked raised 12.9 million dollars (about 17.5 billion won) through Series A investment round led by Panthera Capital.

Line Ventures, Z Venture Capital, and GFR funds participated in the investment round, and Alexander Wang, founder of Scale AI, Eddie Lu, CEO of GOAT, and Carl Fei, co-founder of One Plus Natting, were listed as angel investors.

Stackd, which attracted investment from Line and Z Holdings, was established in Los Angeles (LA) in March last year and is developing real-time streaming broadcasting platform services such as Google YouTube and Amazon Twitch. By combining blockchain technology, it aims to provide its own tokens as compensation for the platform and decision-making process, and to maximize the ownership of content, economic compensation, and influence on the platform.

By providing viewers with services similar to existing streaming platforms, it is developing them so that they do not have difficulty accessing cryptocurrency even if they are not familiar with it. Stackd also released an NFT collection called Valhalla.

Based on the funds secured through the investment round, Stackd plans to start its North American service in December and release its service in Asia and Latin America afterwards. In particular, as Line and Z Holdings participated as investors, they will be able to receive support from the two companies in Asian services in the future.

“We are creating a video streaming platform for game content for Web3 users,” a Stacked official said on IT media TechCrunch. “We will convert producers to shareholders of the platform through governance tokens.”

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