Near Lab, a startup of autonomous flight drone solutions, has received a “government reward for creating and revitalizing an ecosystem for new energy industries.”

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy awarded Ministerial Citation to Jung Young-seok, CTO of Near Lab, for developing autonomous flying drones and digital solution “Zumable” and using them to fuse AI and safety inspections and help globalize the domestic energy industry. The commendation was designed to raise the morale of those who contributed to the creation and revitalization of the ecosystem of new energy businesses and to raise the morale of related industrial merit and successfully foster the industry.

The energy industry is an area where huge investments are made and safety is emphasized. For this reason, the acceptance of new technologies has been delayed, and it has adhered to the existing method even in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Near Lab provides an innovative safety inspection method that combines autonomous flight drones, AI, and big data in these energy industries and serves as a catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution in the energy industry.

From this year, apps that can be used as autonomous flying drones for small commercial drones have also begun commercialization. When linked to a smart mobile app, even general commercial drones can fly autonomously through their own AI algorithm. In particular, it will be possible to reduce costs compared to the previous one by lowering entry barriers by solving difficulties that come from the large size of industrial drones. Currently, it is being deployed on a global basis such as South America and Europe, and is contributing to the expansion of new domestic energy businesses into the global market.

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