Neopin, a blockchain company, announced on the 4th that it will target the global 100 trillion Defi market by announcing its strategy for the second half of the year centered on four keywords: Web 3.0, Multi-Chain, NFT, and Lunch Pad.

Neofin is a defi service that further strengthens ‘trust’ and ‘safety’ by applying KYC and AML. Since the launch of the app in January, it has been well received for its easy and convenient UI and UX, and on the 1st, it launched a web service to further maximize user convenience. The Web introduces a “Wallet Connect” approach that can be accessed in a variety of environments

It has strengthened its linkage with Neopin wallets, which individuals manage keys. It plans to continue to strengthen Web 3.0 functions for ‘personalization’ and ‘user sovereignty‘ by introducing governance functions in the future.

Strengthen targeting of global defi market by supporting multi-chain, NFT, and lunch pad

Neopin is aiming for the global defi market worth 100 trillion won through support for multi-chain, NFT exchange, and lunch pad.

It plans to take a step further from the Ethereum, Klaytn, and Tron chains that are currently being supported, and introduce multi-chain services that support multiple chains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Cosmos, and Polygon by the first half of next year.

Neofin will provide an open platform for games and service companies in the fourth quarter so that projects such as P2E and M2E can easily onboard the Neofin platform.

Based on existing experience related to P2E games such as Brave Nine and Crypto Golf Impact, it is possible to provide more stable service support. With the introduction of the multi-chain function, it is expected that on-boarding of existing games and services that were released in various chains will be easy.

It also plans to support “Lunchpad” functions such as “one-stop service” such as coin issuance and exchange, wallet and NFT exchange support, and “staking” necessary for P2E service coins so that single-person developers or large developers can focus only on game development.

It is planning to implement a more convenient open platform rather than just the current closed onboarding method. Separately, after adding NFT wallet function within Neopin, ‘NFT-Fi’ is provided that rewards are given when NFT is entrusted

It will also make aggressive investments in major blockchain companies to expand its neopin ecosystem.

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