NetEase has expanded its game development capabilities to Europe by recruiting a French game developer.

According to industries on the 9th, NetEase recently acquired Quantic Dream of France, a developer of “Detroit: Vicom Human.”

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Quantum Dream was established in Paris, France in 1997 and has been known as a AAA-class game developer with realistic graphics, starting with The Nomad Soul in 1999, Palenheit in 2005, Heavy Rain in 2010, Beyond: Souls in 2013, and Detroit: Vicom Human in 2018.

David Cage, founder of Quantum Dream, contacted developers for gamification after he began writing the story of Nomad Soul in 1994, but had to be told that it was not technically feasible. As a result, developers gathered to establish Quantic Dream and developed The Nomad Soul, drawing attention.

NetEase will expand its game development capabilities to Europe by acquiring Quantic Dream. NetEase is expanding its development capabilities outside of the Chinese market, which has recently been regulated by the government. This is a strategy that rival Tencent is also taking.

Quantic Dream will establish itself as NetEase’s first game studio in Europe and will lead NetEase’s overseas development business with NetEase’s first U.S. studio established in May.

“The game industry is undergoing tremendous changes through mergers and acquisitions,” said David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream, in an interview with IT media VentureBeat. “Not only Quantic Dream but also other developers are evaluated in the acquisition process.”

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