The cryptocurrency wallet-supported web browser “Opera” has further expanded its cryptocurrency purchase options through a partnership with online payment startup “Wyre.”

According to a CoinDesk report on the 17th (local time), iOS users will be able to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum with Apple Pay and Android users with cash cards at the Opera Web-embedded cryptocurrency wallet.

Payment is processed within 30 seconds and all cryptographic assets sold are managed by the wire.

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Opera Browser is a popular web browser used by more than 350 million out of 2.4 billion Internet users around the world. It has a high market share in Africa, Russia, and Eastern Europe because it is not restricted by the operating system and the Internet environment.

Opera cryptocurrency wallet users can purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum worth up to 300,000 won a day. The fee is about 37 won, and a fee of 2.9% per transaction is charged.

Charles Hamel, senior secretary for opera cryptocurrency, added that the addition of legal currency channels has made it easier for the opera DApp community to access the blockchain project.

The chief said, “Because the transaction is not high, it will be more suitable for DApp developers and general payment users than general investors or speculative traders.”

In addition, “Opera Browser Wallet is focusing on ‘using’ cryptocurrency on the web,” he said adding, “Most DApp transactions will not reach the limit.”

Opera, which aims to be an “essential browser for Web 3.0, is expanding its introduction to Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, Tron, mobile versions, and desktop versions by launching its own cryptocurrency wallet for the first time in a web browser.

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