Proxy Healthcare, an eco-friendly bio startup, has been selected as a target company for the “Pre-ICON” program supported by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. Proxy Healthcare will receive 3 billion won in warranty support over the next three years.

The Korea Credit Guarantee Fund’s “Pre-icon” program is operated to scale up innovative startups that are in the leap within 2 to 10 years of establishment, and targets for support are excellent investment attraction companies, innovation icon preliminary screening companies, and first penguin companies that achieve management goals.

Founded in September 2019, Proxy Healthcare is a startup equipped with harmful microbial film removal technology using microcurrent and is well-received by introducing “Tromatsu Microcurrent Toothbrush” that combines its technology with toothbrushes, and is currently expanding its business to various fields such as rhinitis treatment, car air conditioner pollutant removal, and ship surface attachment.

In particular, it has attracted a total of 14.2 billion won from HB Investment and TimeWise Investment so far, including 8.2 billion won this year, and will accelerate growth by expanding the U.S. market and entering the medical device business next year.

Sesame Research Institute selects the 2022 Brooklyn Test Bed Program in New York

Sesame Research Institute, a blockchain-based integrated key (KEY) platform company, has been selected for the “2022 Brooklyn Test Bed Program” in New York and has begun local technology verification (PoC), Proof of Concept.

The “New York Brooklyn Test Bed Program” is a program being conducted by the Korea International Trade Association, IBK Industrial Bank, and the R&D Special Zone Promotion Foundation to support domestic startups’ entry into the U.S. Startups selected for the program get the opportunity to test products and services in various regions, including a complex in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Depending on the results, you can also receive support for signing partnerships with local companies and additional technology verification opportunities.

The Sesame Research Institute was finally selected for the security management technology field among the three recruitment fields: security management technology, improved hygiene in the city, and improved energy efficiency. For about six weeks from the end of November, it will operate automatic access services through the access device DAVE and the digital key platform KEYRING in the “Industry City” facility, a large complex commercial complex located in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, New York. Based on the information collected during the test period, additional tests are expected to be conducted on larger commercial facilities in the future.

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