Gala Games will officially release the world’s first blockchain-based e-sports game.

Gala Games, the world’s largest blockchain game company, announced on the 1st that it will officially release the blockchain game “Spider Tank” on October 31.

Spider Tank is expected to be the first game based on “Project GYRI,” a game-only blockchain developed by Gala Games.

Spider Tank is a tank shooting game developed by Dutch game developer Game Media. The user combines the tank body, weapons, and auxiliary weapons to create his own tank and engage in battle with the other unit. In addition, it features various irreplaceable token (NFT) items such as game maps and planets and various compensation systems.

Spider Tank is considered the world’s first e-sports blockchain game. Gala Games held Spider Tank’s e-sports competition at Metacon, a metaverse event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in June. In November last year, the first Spider Tank eSports World Cup was held in Seoul and broadcast live to the world.

Prior to its official launch, Gala Games recently introduced ‘Planetary Node’ into Spider Tank. Planetary Node is a system unique to Gala Games to enhance users’ participation in games and rewards. If a user who owns it uses his or her computer resources to support the game network environment for a certain period of time, the game token “SILK” is provided.

In addition to Planetary Node, Gala Games also announced various updates, including the construction of tank units and upgrading of units. In particular, more game modes and new maps will be added with the release of the game. Currently, Spider Tank supports three game modes: team death match, flag capture battle, and chicken collection.

“We are ready to launch the first e-sports blockchain game,” said John Oswald, general president of Gala Games. “The official launch of Spider Tank is expected to further solidify Gala Games’ commitment to strengthen the ownership of gamers through blockchain technology.”

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