Startup Social Investing Lab (CEO Han Dong-yeop) announced on the 18th that it has attracted investment from KB Securities.

“Coffee House,” which was first introduced by Social Investing Lab in December last year, is a new concept stock SNS investment platform that combines social network services (SNS) developed by MZ generation with MTS (Mobile Trading System) of existing securities firms. Coffee houses are characterized by the ability to open accounts and trade stocks of domestic securities firms, and to share real-time information through SNS.

In fact, 64% of all coffee house users are in their 20s and 30s. It shares a portfolio based on actual transactions and exchanges real-time information, focusing on young investors who are familiar with SNS, and has surpassed about 150,000 cumulative downloads within three months of its launch.

Social Investing Lab is steadily growing by attracting investment and establishing service partnerships with large domestic financial companies. Starting with the initial investment of KAIST Young Entrepreneurship Investment Holdings and Shinhan Financial Group, SK Securities and IBK Industrial Bank completed the pre-A investment attraction in February. This month, KB Securities’ investment has succeeded in attracting investment.

Social Investing Lab has been selected one after another by the government and large financial groups to foster startups, and is preparing to take a leap forward. Social Investing Lab was highly praised for providing a new investment culture to young investors in May and providing a healthy investment space, ranking 10th out of 80 companies in the “2022 Google Window Program”, a collaboration project between the Ministry of SMEs and Google Play.

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