The Korea Pharmaceutical Bio Association (Chairman Won Hee-mok) announced on the 6th that it held the “2022 KPBMA Open Innovation Plaza” at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, to promote the pharmaceutical bio industry’s new drug development results and create an open innovation ecosystem.

At the event, more than 140 pharmaceutical bio industry business development (BD), research and development (R&D), and licensing experts participated in discussions on technology commercialization and business partnership.

In particular, 48 pre-coordinated on-site meetings were held at the business partnering event, where 29 companies participated as technology supplier companies, with 96 pre-applications. In the 30-minute booth interview, traditional pharmaceutical companies, bio-ventures, and artificial intelligence (AI) companies participated, and various discussions on the commercialization of pharmaceutical bio technology were held.

The event opened with a keynote presentation by Won Hee-mok, chairman of the Korea Pharmaceutical Bio Association, prior to business partnering (Open Innovation, a shortcut to success in the pharmaceutical bio industry).

Chairman Won said, “Cooperation is now becoming a way of survival, not a matter of choice,” and predicted, “If pharmaceutical companies seek strategic cooperation in finding good technologies that bio ventures and startups have, new opportunities will be created.”

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