Blockchain venture capital Mama Ventures and the domestic blockchain game community KGG (Klay Guild Games) announced on the 27th that they have signed a strategic partnership.

Mama Ventures is a crypto venture capital based on accelerating, and has experience in marketing and accelerating more than 40 domestic and foreign projects. Recently, it is known to support blockchain new businesses of large tech companies.

KGG is Korea’s leading blockchain game community and has influence over domestic blockchain game companies and users by educating early users who enter the blockchain game ecosystem, forming a game guild, and playing blockchain games together.

Through this partnership, the two companies announced that they will promote the development of Korea’s blockchain industry, discover excellent blockchain games in Korea, and support attracting users. In addition, the two companies plan to establish an active collaboration system such as joint publishing of research reports, marketing collaboration, and network sharing to maximize synergy.

An official from Mama Ventures said, “We are very happy to have a strong partner with a large number of real users through this strategic partnership,” adding, “We want the two companies to maximize synergy and contribute to the development of Korea’s blockchain industry.”

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