EZED, a brand accelerator that creates and grows brands, is speeding up its business expansion after attracting strategic investment.

EZED announced on the 16th that it has attracted seed investment to famous domestic investors who have experience in M&A (acquisition and merger) and are operating businesses. It did not disclose the name of the investment and the size of the investment.

EZED is a brand accelerator that redefines the market, products, and services while operating a marketing and design agency and accelerates the growth of the brand through performance and creativity.

It started its business in April last year, surpassing 1,000 cumulative clients, and has grown with companies of various sizes, ranging from beauty to fresh food, and from large companies to small companies.

Through this strategic investment, EZED said it will accelerate its core business model, “brand acceleration.” Brand accelerating is a business model in which brands are not known to the world due to lack of marketing and branding capabilities, brand companies focus on product development and production, and Ezed invests marketing and branding capabilities and costs. Currently, it operates beauty, milkit, and jewelry brands, respectively.

EZED has already succeeded in turning into a surplus and distributed net profits to shareholders and all executives and employees in the first half of this year.

Lee Jae-moo and Son Yong-ho, CEO of EZED, said, “We are waiting for someone who will discuss and implement the brand that was born after fierce discussion and consideration together from a mid- to long-term perspective to create explosive growth together.”

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