The 4th Digital Asset Investment Forum under the theme of “Invitation to the World of Web 3.0” was held successfully at Maru 180 in Yeoksam-dong on August 29.

Song In-gyu, a professor at Korea University, who is the chairman of the Digital Asset Investment Forum, presents the theme of the company’s NFT strategy, and “digital assets and NFT are key transactions in the era of Web 3.0 and Metabus.” It is time for companies to prepare NFT strategies as NFT is spreading to marketing means such as expanding customer contacts, strengthening brands, and forming communities in the individual investment market, including dinosaur companies such as Meta (Facebook) and Samsung Electronics.

In the Web2 era, where everything was monopolized by Big Tech, the Web3 era has become a protocol economy owned by individuals and distributed wealth appropriately to stakeholders, and the paradigm is changing from shareholder capitalism claimed by Dr. Klaus Schwab to stakeholder capitalism, CEO Lee Young-hwan said.

Under the theme of “DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Present and Future,” Yoon Seok-bin, a special professor at Sogang University, presented examples of DAO that are actually applied in various fields such as DAO definition, components, investment, and education, and NFT and DAO convergence cases.

Jang Min, CEO of Billybit (Professor of POSTECH), said, “We have made profits through various investment strategies such as mining, DeFi, NFT, and X2E during the growth of virtual assets over the past five years, but we should pay attention to trading strategies through various technical analysis.”

Lim Jae-gun, CEO of NFTNARA, unveiled the Mad Skull Universe Club (MSUC) created by about 20 professionals over a period of about six months as its first PFP NFT collection. It emphasizes artistic elements rather than existing NFTs, so it has the right to use them at the same time as purchasing them, which strengthens utility functions that are good for various business purposes for individuals, small business owners and companies.

Byun Kyu-il, CEO of MetaGauge, who won first place with the votes of club members at the 2nd Kaebi Club Nite, said, “MetaGauge acquires data from users generated by movement as a business model, and tokens can be used in rental cars, travel agencies, and direct shopping malls of MetaGauge.” The accumulated mobile data is used in various fields such as public, logistics, real estate, insurance, etc., and it promotes the formation of communities through mobile routes and is linked to various location-based businesses.”

Seo Jong-ryul, vice chairman of Sejong Telecom, who participated in the main event, said, “I got to understand Web 3.0 better, which is a topic that is emerging recently, and it was a meaningful event that informed me that I should study Web 3.0, DAO, and NFT to prepare for the future.”

Song In-kyu, chairman of the Digital Asset Investment Forum, said, “It is Web 3.0 that changes the world beyond simple technology. To this end, the Digital Asset Investment Forum announced that it will provide education under the theme of “Company’s NFT Strategy” in September and “Company’s Web 3.0 Strategy” in October, and hold the 5th Digital Asset Investment Forum year-end settlement event on November 28.

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