Slotmate has been released in HTML5-based social casino

Playings announced on the 5th that it will provide the app version of the social casino game “Slotmate” in four Asian countries, including Japan, through channeling of the global messenger line.

Slotmate has been released in HTML5-based Facebook instant games

It is a social casino game that is recording TOP 5 in casino genre sales, and the company has been preparing to expand its service by releasing the app version.

Following the launch of the app version in North America, Europe, and some Asian countries through open markets in March, the four-nation service is available

It is drawing attention by launching specialized regions such as Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The company is optimized for the line that has established itself as a popular messenger in four countries

It said it expects public response with contents such as various social devices and 100 kinds of casual-style slots.

PLAYLINGS is focusing on HTML5-based games that are showing remarkable growth in overseas markets

It is a mid-sized game developer that recorded 37.5 billion won in sales last year. Playings will be released on the WeMix platform

It plans to introduce its new work, which is being developed with the goal of becoming the first social casino genre game and a popular blockchain social casino game(바카라사이트), to the global market by the end of this year.

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