Startup Accelerator SparkLab announced on the 20th that it will hold the Web3 Seoul Conference on the theme of Web3 from the 1st to the 2nd of next month.

The event was designed to share the latest business trends related to Web3 with early start-ups, startups, and IT industry officials who are interested in the Web3 field, which has recently emerged as a hot topic in the IT industry.

At the conference, founders and experts who are making progress by combining Web3 in entertainment, fashion, sports, and lifestyle will gather to introduce various real-life cases and share insights and know-how.

Major sessions include △Web3 and Crypto investment trends and prospects △ New voices in entertainment and media △ Web3 and innovation in the fashion industry △ New technology in sports and fitness △ K content’s future in the global market △ Innovation in the retail sector through Web3.

In particular, Thaksampi Disney Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of French brand Balmain, which provides new customer experiences through NFT (non-replaceable tokens), and James Sunmint, founder of NFT, who helps global fashion brands combine NFT, will participate to share their views on Web3.

Other major speakers include △ Jeff Clevere, founder of Uncock Capital △ Jeon Hu-seok, former documentary director △ Maggie Chewie, co-founder of Asian Hustle Network △ Frank Mihan Spark Lab Group △ Shin Jae-hyuk, vice president of Bloco, and Kim Hee-kwan, founder of Double Me.

“Web3 is a tech trend that causes steep changes in all business areas around the world,” said Kim Yoo-jin, co-chairman of SparkLab. “We will do our best to establish this conference as a venue for opportunities to exchange Web3 technologies and a representative conference.”

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