LG Uplus announced on the 12th that it obtained the main license for its credit information management business from the Financial Services Commission.

MyData is a service that helps individuals who are the subject of information easily manage personal credit information scattered in various financial companies and public institutions.

LG U+ applied for preliminary permission on December 31 last year to enter the financial MyData business. After reviewing the business rights, the main license was obtained.

LG U+ has been preparing MyData services that provide benefits that customers can actually feel by using financial data.

MyData is also expected to play an important role in expanding digital contacts with customers and implementing a “U+ 3.0″ strategy that understands customers in depth based on data.

With the acquisition of this license, LG U+ plans to open a U+MyData “Money Me” service within this year that allows customers to get back the benefits they missed by linking telecommunication big data and finance.

Money Me, which aims to “a service that recognizes, sympathizes with, and helps me,” will be introduced through the “U+Members App,” which provides personalized and customized benefits based on customer data.

Jeon Kyung-hye, director of AI and Data Product at LG U+, said, “U+My Data will fully understand customers with data and provide customer experience innovation services and create new growth engines through data convergence between heterogeneous industries.”

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