Hoban Group announced on the 12th that it will receive support for the 2022 Hoban Innovation Technology Competition for small and medium-sized companies and startups by the 28th.

The competition aims to discover outstanding domestic companies with high-tech technologies and innovate through win-win cooperation.

The areas of public offering are divided into new construction technologies, industrial convergence, common, and others.

New construction technologies can be supported under the themes of OSC construction method, construction automation, noise reduction (material, technology), and safety management (fall prevention, equipment stenosis, collision prevention, structure collapse prevention, IoT-based solutions, etc.).

Industrial convergence can be participated under the themes of customer management related to the business and headquarters operation of various affiliates in Hoban Group, spatial information and promotional content, IoT and AI-based services, curating, smart factories, facilities and productivity management.

Finally, common and others can participate in RPA, AI, big data, eco-friendly materials and energy, drones/autonomous driving, digital health, and environmental/convenience specialized technologies.

The contest will be co-hosted by Hoban Group and the Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency, and prize money and commercialization support will be paid to the winning companies.

“The competition was jointly held with the Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency to expand support and benefits for small and medium-sized companies and startups. Hoban Group, including Hoban Construction, will continue to strive to promote open innovation and cooperate with companies with innovation.”

Meanwhile, the total prize money for the contest is 240 million won, and Hoban Group and the Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency plan to provide commercialization support, linkage support, and overseas expansion support for award-winning companies.

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