Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor questioned Ethereum’s health in terms of technology development and ethics.

Bitcoin maximalist is a term that calls for people who claim that Bitcoin will remain the only cryptocurrency in the future.

Michael Sailor, founder and CEO of business intelligence software company Microstrategy, explained his view of Ethereum remotely for about an hour on the 27th (local time) at Blockchain Economy Istanbul, Coindesk said.

Microstrategy, which has the largest Bitcoin holdings among companies, has 129,218 Bitcoin (BTC) worth about $2.8 billion at its current price.

Sailor said he was speaking as an institutional investor and that he would have to wait until the protocol was completed.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in a speech last week, “Etherium is 40% complete, and we have presented a three to four-year roadmap,” adding, “It will stabilize over the next 36 months.”

Sailor also questioned the lack of time-tested information about Ethereum, raising concerns about the protocol’s technological reliability and security, he said.

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