Next Ground, which operates the real estate resident review and evaluation platform “Jipip” was selected as a scale-up support program for promising companies in the land transportation field organized by the Korea Institute of Transportation Science and Technology.

The program aims to strengthen business capabilities and support corporate growth by discovering promising small and medium-sized venture companies in the land transportation sector every year based on the performance of the company’s technology, superiority, and differentiation.

Homework provides various real estate data based on the actual resident review service. Among them, more than 200,000 cases of data are accumulated in the residential review service in the Seoul metropolitan area alone. The user can simply search for an address and check information that can be known only when he or she actually lives.

In addition, household items are also operating an automated analysis service that can prevent the so-called “can lease” and the fraud of lease deposits, which have recently been rapidly increasing. It reviews not only information on deposit fraud, such as whether there is a risk of not returning the deposit and whether the lessor has not returned the deposit, but also the possibility of subscribing to lease guarantee insurance and major lease loans. Users can quickly receive a “deposit risk analysis report” by simply entering the address of the house they want and the deposit.

Next Ground has also recently participated in the “Campaign to Prevent Damage to Jeonse Fraud” organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea PropTech Forum and is introducing various services to prevent soaring Jeonse Fraud.

Wanted Lab conducts a ‘transfer support program’ for companies

HR Tech company Wanted Lab will conduct a “transfer support program” for companies that have started to streamline their management.

Recently, as not only global big tech companies but also domestic companies have started to streamline their management, more and more talented people are coming out in the job market. In response, Wanted Lab prepared a program to help companies that are undergoing or are about to reorganize and those preparing for a new start.

The “transfer support program” inevitably reorganizes, but targets companies that want to help employees who have been together successfully turnover. Applications can be made on the Events tab on the official website of Wanted Lab.

Wanted Lab provides various support for employees of companies that apply for the program to find new jobs faster. It provides “direct matching” through “match-up,” a reverse recruitment service in which corporate personnel first visits job seekers and suggests interviews. It helps employees get more job opportunities by providing them with a separate function to view the resume of the applicant company employee first when HR searches for job seekers.

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