Global music content IP NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform Metabit announced on the 14th that it has signed a strategic partnership for joint business with nine companies, including RBW, including Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, ONEUS, Studio Jam, WM Entertainment, DSP Media, TR Entertainment, Bitz Entertainment, and Jstorm.

Through this partnership, Metabit will carry out marketing and promotion to strengthen its global fandom based on K-pop music content IP, and will release NFT based on music content IP of Korean artists such as Mamamoo and ONEUS on the global platform in August.

RBW supports meta-bit services based on more than 4,000 music content IPs along with its labels WM Entertainment and DSP Media.

In addition, Content X, along with its strategic partners, generates new profits through various tangible and intangible assets such as portrait rights, broadcasting, and performances beyond the distribution of music content IP.

In the process, various reward programs will establish a foundation to support the K-pop industry.

Metabit uses blockchain technology to distribute music content IPs in NFT form. The purpose is to maximize the value of artists’ creations along with fandom that has led popular culture.

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