StepPay is the first subscription payment/commerce solution in Korea.
StepPay provides payment/commerce solutions for developers and non-developers to easily do subscription business.
1. You can flexibly create a variety of plans.
2. You can also take it to API to develop SaaS
3. You can also sell it right away as commerce is provided

StepPay has entered Naver Cloud Platform (NCP) Marketplace. StepPay is a solution that provides payment linkage modules and subscription product builders to simplify subscription services.

With the Subscription Product Builder, you don’t have to create a recurring payment module that you had to implement yourself, so you can simply create a subscription service, and easily add options necessary for subscription, such as first payment discount and free experience period, by clicking. In addition, the company’s strength is that it can be used flexibly according to the situation through API.

Newsletter brand “NUnic,” which currently has 400,000 subscribers, and razor regular delivery service “Lage Society” are subscription services implemented through Step Pay.

Kim Dan-ah, CEO of Steppay, said, “In order to implement the subscription service, various functions are needed. “Steppay supports professional functions necessary for subscription and provides APIs at the same time, so it can be used flexibly according to the situation,” he said.

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